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This beautiful guitar is a replica built by one of the top current builders. It is truly a stunning instrument both in its looks and its playability and tone. Very accurate in every detail this builder has huge experience and has now been building these for over 20 years. He has worked on many original Les Paul Standards and his knowledge is second to none. This particular guitar has many original late fifties parts fitted. This is as close as it gets.

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Only 41 sharp cutaway ES-5 were made in 1961. This has the 5-digit serial number on the orange label and a 1960 Factory stamp. A perfect example of this rare variant.  It has the most amazing pinstripe flame maple back and three untouched PAFs. Plays beautifully with an extensive and versatile range of tones. The sunburst is very deep dark red unlike most post 1960 orange/red sunbursts. Also comes with its original brown Lifton case with burgundy velvet plush interior. The really unusual thing about this particular guitar is that it has a factory order ebony fingerboard and an L5-CES headstock.
I seriously doubt if there is another one like it.
A truly unique instrument.

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Great playing slab board Strat. All factory fitted parts with its original brown telex case. Light and resonant as you would expect from a pre CBS Strat. Just the right amount of play wear with a silky smooth neck feel. Plenty of life left in the frets and has never had the switch swapped out for a 5-way! These are becoming impossible to find at an affordable price.


1959 Epiphone Coronet (Moderne Black)
An extremely rare Slab-side Epiphone Coronet Black in beautiful condition. The body, v-shaped neck and all hardware have the appropriate patina associated with a well kept instrument of this age. It plays wonderfully and there are no headstock cracks/issues... or indeed,  any other non-wear damage to the body or neck. The original frets are still in very good order and the machine heads work perfectly although one has a slight bend in the stem.  Believed to be one of only 3 in the country,  this guitar has been with it's present owner for 15 years. Only produced in 1959, the slab bodied Coronet is a very rare guitar indeed. Very few were made and it was never officially imported to the UK.


Gibson's owner CMI acquired the Epiphone brand in 1957, and in 1958 started production of a new range of  Epiphone solidbody guitars starting with the 'Moderne Black' whose name was quickly changed to 'Coronet' as  Gibson themselves had already registered the Moderne name for one of their own brand's futuristic guitars released that year. It had a single piece Honduran neck and body, Brazialian rosewood fingerboard and was constructed in a very similar way to the Les Paul junior of the same period with which it shared the same body depth and specs apart from the Epiphone New York single coil pick-up in place of the P90, unusual bakelite radio knobs for volume and tone, bikini metal trusrod cover and pinned-on metal Epiphone badge, all of which came from the left-over stock of pre-CMI Epiphone jazz guitar parts. Unlike the small fretted Les Paul Junior though, the Coronet shared it's heavier frets and tri-laminate square edge jack plate with the Les Paul Standards of the time.


Despite the similarities to the Les Paul Junior,  aesthetically The Coronet retains a strong air of individuality due to the numerous, albeit soon-after-discontinued Epiphone parts. By the end of 1959 as the Epiphone parts bin became depleted, the 'slab bodied' Coronet (as it became known) acquired a Gibson P90 in place of the New York pickup and for 1960 the guitar was replaced by a slimmer and more rounded Coronet. Gone forever!!!!