Original Gibson Gold 'Bonnet' knobs

These are the control knobs fitted between 1956 through to the early sixties on the Gold tops and Les Paul Standards as well as many other Gibson guitars from that era. Although there are some good replica knobs on the market, nothing quite has the feel and mojo of these beautiful originals. Also that butyrate smell just can’t be cloned! Beware when buying sets of four, many for sale on the auction sites are not matched sets. The problem is that the gold varies widely in colour and also the way the plastic itself ambers over time is not consistent so getting four that match perfectly in colour isn’t easy if they are made up from two or more donor guitars. Many of these where fitted as pairs on single pickup guitars throughout this period so the only sure way of getting a matched set is if all four come from the same guitar. Vintage Haven guarantee that if we sell you a set of four they will be a matched set. They are getting increasingly hard to find.


Matched set of 60 year old bonnets


Four more original matched sets

7 copy.jpg

How beautiful are these?

10 copy.jpg

Very amber set from a 1959 ES-175


Undersides show a little greening


Bright orange/gold on this set


Shows the correct “donut” tops


Not for sale - these are keepers



Note slight difference in gold colour


Showing some nice honest wear

9 copy.jpg

Another underside with nice oxidisation


Genuine greening from years of use